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I do not know what the mission statement is for Cole Chiropractic Clinic, but if I could state one for them it would be Isaiah 61:1-3.  They truly make healing an art form and a ministry to the people they treat.  They treat them in a holistic manner and when I was brokenhearted, there was an answer at Cole Chiropractic Clinic.  When I was in pain, there was an answer there and I am just one of many who have been helped through their work.  I tell them almost every time I leave, that I don’t  know how folks get through life without them.  I am very grateful to have the friends and the therapy from Cole Chiropractic Clinic.

Ruth C

Dr. Cole makes careful assessments and listens attentively to me. She explains how she plans to proceed to address my pain. She works patiently and gently always checking with me for feedback. She is professional, cheerful, and engaging. The office staff are quite professional and attentive. I have benefited greatly from her Chiropractic care.

Marie L.

I am truly grateful for Dr. Cole’s expertise when it comes to recurring neck injuries. When I first became a patient I was unaware of the activator method and was a bit skeptical about it. Within 2 short weeks I had returned to a full range of motion in my cervical spine and enjoyed getting back to sports activities in record time. Thanks Dr. Cole for your accurate diagnosis and proper care to get me back out there doing what I love.

Coach Alex K.

I am so happy and pleased with the treatment I have received here with Dr. Cole. The staff is nice and courteous. Thank you so much for the care you all provide.

Lita S.

I give Dr. Cole 5 stars! I was doubtful about chiropractors, because of old stories, but am convinced now they do work! I am so happy with my results and highly respect Dr. Cole and her staff. Very pleased with my treatment – I am back to my normal activities.

Mary J.

When my chronically bad back acts up, I know exactly where to go – Cole Chiropractic!   Dr. Cole is an expert in diagnosing the problem and providing relief.  She has a very reassuring bed side manner that lets you know she is going to help you.  She is the best chiropractor I have ever seen.

Mike M.

I came in with need of a wheelchair and a walker.  I am only in my 30′s and did not think I could ever walk again.  Now I am walking, running, and able to play with my children.  I am so grateful to Dr. Cole.

Miranda L.

Dr. Cole and her staff are so warm and welcoming.  Dr. Cole really listens to all of my concerns.  Being a patient here has been such a blessing and a wonderful experience.  I have seriously recommended her to all of my friends!  Thank you Dr. Cole!!

Brittany L.